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Photobucket 3rd party hosting

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Greetings, snowguns members!

I am sure everyone is probably aware by now, but Photobucket now requires a $400 annual subscription to enable 3rd party hosting.  This means tags to Photobucket images will no longer work.  Please consider using direct uploads to the snowguns forum, or using a different third party hosting site.

You should be able to access your Photobucket account and download all your images back to your device if you so choose.

I know it's frustrating to have lost all the previous forum content, but please consider that about 90% of the images contained in that content were hosted on Photobucket, and would be unviewable anyway.

Thank you, and enjoy the new Forum!



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Somebody on a different form linked this Chrome plugin and it worked like a charm for me! Now I can see all the linked photobucket pictures! There are others for different browsers but here's a link to the Chrome Plugin :) I don't recommend CONTINUING to upload from Photobucket but this plugin is a good solution for viewing existing pictures. 



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