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  1. So, here it is. This is a just a first post, thought I would update you guys on my most recent project. It is not even close to being completed, but its a good start. I started building a fangun, I've been working on it for the past 3 weeks or so. I started with a 16inch ventilation fan from Northern Tool. I will preface this by explaining I talked to 3 different people about the benefits of building everything from scratch. A huge part to building a fangun is showing fabrication skills, and being able to build something that you're proud of. Did I also mention it is a pit where you throw money into. The biggest thing I found while doing my research is that the fabrication of a tapered barrel is something that takes a lot of skill and expensive machinery. At my college, I spent a few hours in the machine shop figuring out if it would be a possibility to use a break to bend a barrel, or a roller to join the sheet metal. Taking into account the cost of materials, it was going to be more cost effective to purchase the fan from Northern Tool and using that as a starting place. The fan was 200$ plus shipping, but I will do a total cost breakdown afterwards. When the fan came, I realized the barrel wasn't even close to what I needed. Although the fan blade is 16in diameter, the barrel length was only 16 inches. This meant that I didn't have even close to enough room to mount the nuc and the ring. The blade is a 40 degree metal cup blade with a 1hp motor. The fan itself has a pretty good flow, including 3 stators. It flows around 4500cfm, confirmed by running this calculator. With an anemometer, i got a flow of 37 mph from 10ft out, which equates to around 4660cfm http://www.engineering.com/calculators/airflow.htm My first step was to fabricate an extension for the barrel, with a slight taper. It tapers from 16 inches to 15inches. Here are some pictures of that. I used 14gauge sheet metal. It came from a metal shelving unit, which I cut and bent around the barrel. I had to use heat to make sure it would bend, using a welder and blowtorch to heat up the metal. The biggest struggle was getting the small patch to bend to the circle, because it was pretty thick, and I wanted to get it as close to circular to avoid turbulence. Once I got the extension welded on and firm in place, I started to work on the nuc setup. I have to admit, I was convinced by Dale to try the External Nuc on the gun. After the extension was completed, I tested out a light I got, which puts out 3000 lumens through 2 leds. Its not on permanently but its magnetic and looked pretty good. The ring I used was one that I bought from Dale 3 years ago. It was an impulse buy, but it always motivated me to get to work on this build. Its 1.25inch rolled aluminum, with 24 tapped nozzle holes. I ended up plugging 12 of those so I will be running 12 1502’s and 1503’s. The Initial plan is to run this between 5-8 gpm between 300-400psi. The next part to work on was the stand, which I was set on using a yoke system. I used an old Y shaped piece of metal off of a swing set, which turned out great once I welded on some extensions to the side. I cut some square shaped tubing, drilled out a 1/2 inch hole in the side and welded a 1/2 inch nut on the inside of the tubing. Then I attached the tubing to the side of the barrel and used a 1/2 inch bolt to screw through the yoke into the side of the square tubing on the barrel. I had some stainless steel tubing that fit perfectly inside of the yoke tubing, which I then mounted to a flange. I honestly haven't made a permanent stand yet, but the flange could screw directly into my trailer. I do have a tripod that the gun could stand on as well. But that will be more in the future. Now this gun most definitely isn't close to finished, but I wanted to keep you guys updated on my build. The paint isn't permanent as well, its just primer, which will protect it from moisture for the time being.