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  1. We were close to those temperatures a few weeks back. We have a mid-winter break this week so no school. We haven't gone to the mountain because of the single digits and negative wind chills. Have had very favorable temperatures for making snow but the winds are making it pretty much impossible. Even got an inch of new last night. The good part is there has been plenty of tubing by the kids that are still in town. Think I might set up for more of a ski run with the guns tonight.


  2. Doug, I started the same way back in 2008-2009 trying to make snow for my kids. The snow I made in 2 days I can now make in 2hrs. My two oldest are in high school. But each winter they look forward to dad making snow(and their friends). Besides building snow guns. I assure you, that you are building fond memories.

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  3. A little ice shellac at the end of the run will add some distance to the run out.  :D

    The run looks like it will keep everyone entertained for some time. We have all ages tubing here. 4 to 50 years of age. Last year the only injury(dislocated shoulder)was a high school kid that panicked and bailed off the tube at it fastest point.  Parents didn't believe he was tubing. We had snow for over a month. 

  4. The Dual Vector is to do both. I had trouble with early fall out with just a wide-angle nozzle. With using 15 and 25 degree angle nozzles the plume is carried out much further and I do not have trouble with early Fallout. At the same time getting the nuc to mix well with 2 narrow angled bulk nozzles has its downside also. The nuke is pulled up into the narrow stream before the stream has time to break apart into the water droplets that the nuke needs to bond with. The purpose of the project is to make large volumes of snow with the least amount of CFM as possible. Not everybody has an extra 220 circuit to run a large air compressor. Trying to get it so 110 circuit will work. I've made snow with moderate temperatures with 9 gallons a minute and 2 CFM of air. Trying to make things more efficient.

  5. Thank you for sharing your panoramic views. They have a pureness to them that I appreciate. I was raised on a farm and always enjoyed the freedom I had with acreage. Now everything is subdivided into 1/4 acre or less lots.

        We don't get enough cold days here let alone single degree temps, but I love the blue skies they bring when we have our arctic blasts.  

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