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  1. One thing to consider is the 125% derate for continuous loads outlined by the NEC.  An 18.8 amp continuous load should be supplied by a circuit rated for no less than 23.5 amps.


    This applies to any load on any circuit.  The supply should be rated for 25% higher than the continuous amp draw of the device in a 100% duty cycle situation.


    Another factor is the length of the wire run from the outlet to the panel.  Many people don't take this into consideration when calculating voltage drop.  In many houses, there could already be 100+ feet of wire feeding the receptacle that you are then plugging another 100 feet of cord into.


    You also need to measure the amp draw of the motor when supplied using a short cord from an outlet near the panel.  Yes, it is rated for 18.8 amps, but if you have it geared too high, it will draw substantially more, since it is being asked to do more than it is capable of.  Does it trip the breaker with no snowgun attached to the output (open flow)?

    Could also be the centrifugal switch that disengages the start winding is stuck.  You should hear a fairly distinct click when the motor reaches full speed with the belt removed (I say with belt removed because the noise of the pump could mask the click)

  2. I made a more "rat rod" looking gas tank for it as well.  The Predator can just didn't suit the style.

    I also found an old Briggs air cleaner housing meant for a foam filter, but I threw it on there for the look.  Sort of a throwback to the days of flipping your air cleaner housing upside down to give it more power (or at least make it sound like it has more power)



  3. I have spent the last 2 years rebuilding some of the rope tows at work.  Theoretical uphill capacity PER UNIT is 11,000 pph, compared to 2400 for a quad chairlift.  This is why we have rope tows servicing the terrain park, in addition to the lifts.  I did the first new drive unit last summer, and all new tower arms and line wheels this summer with spring loaded idlers and upstops to prevent derailments in high winds.  Future upgrades will be replacing the remaining 4 drive units, control system upgrades, and updated safety stop gates.



    750' length

    Solid rubber drive tire

    1⅛" 12 strand hybrid rope

    12" line wheels






  4. Welcome to Snowguns.com!  This site exists for the sharing of information, knowledge, and experience in the realm of home snowmaking.  This a family friendly forum, accessible to persons of all ages, and must be treated as such.  The rules are simple:

    NO PROFANITY OR VULGAR LANGUAGE!  Again, family friendly forum.  

    NO INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT!  This includes images and videos that contain profanity, vulgarity, nudity, violence, or derogatory or discriminatory language.

    NO FLAMING! We are here for the benefit of people who have a passion for snow.  We are few and far between, so please, treat each other with respect.

    NO DISCRIMINATORY BEHAVIOR WHATSOEVER!  Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their race, religion, political views, nationality, gender,  age, or any other factor.

    NO POLITICS! Snow is not political.  There is no need to bring up a subject that in all likelihood will result in violation of the aformentioned rules.

    Please keep related posts to a single thread. For example, if you are building a pump setup, start a build thread in the pump forum, and post your questions and progress there. This minimizes confusion and clutter

    Violation of the forum Rules may result in disciplinary action, up to and including a permanent ban without warning.

    snowguns.com, its members, administrators, and owners are not liable for any injuries or damage that may occur from the use or misuse of any information contained within this domain.

  5. This is an entirely NEW FORUM. Your old login credentials are no longer valid. You must create a new user account to access this site.  You may reuse your old username if you so choose.

    Because this is an entirely new site, unfortunately ALL of the old content is gone.  We are trying to rebuild as best we can, and are currently gathering up bits and pieces to repost.  The guides are our top priority.  Anything we cannot find will be rewritten.  On the bright side, we are now free from years worth of clutter, excess posts, and inactive users.

    Feel free to dig through your archives and start some threads documenting your equipment.

    Welcome to the new home of Snowguns.com.  Please enjoy yourself, and get the word out that we are back up and running!

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  6. Well I've gone and found myself yet another hobby... Go karts.  Not racing or anything, just tinkering around with some home built stuff.  I really like the old school go karts - bare bones frame, small wheels, modestly sized engines, and you can pick it up and toss it in the back of the truck.  

    Anybody who know me knows I can't leave well enough alone and do anything the "normal" way, so my first creation was turning my childhood radio flyer wagon into a rat rod.  In true rat rod style, everything that could be homemade (within reason) was homemade, as cheaply as possible.  Of course, the engine had to be up front, in proper t-bucket fashion.

    Top speed is 27mph, which is plenty fast for a 2 foot wide rolling pile of spare parts.




  7. Greetings, snowguns members!

    I am sure everyone is probably aware by now, but Photobucket now requires a $400 annual subscription to enable 3rd party hosting.  This means tags to Photobucket images will no longer work.  Please consider using direct uploads to the snowguns forum, or using a different third party hosting site.

    You should be able to access your Photobucket account and download all your images back to your device if you so choose.

    I know it's frustrating to have lost all the previous forum content, but please consider that about 90% of the images contained in that content were hosted on Photobucket, and would be unviewable anyway.

    Thank you, and enjoy the new Forum!



  8. 2 hours ago, Rideboard147 said:

    Gotta re register..: it's a clean slate 

    Yup.  Whole new forum with a new company on a new server.  Just the same domain name.


    But if you want to reuse your old username, you're more than welcome to.  Many of us have, just to help alleviate confusion.

  9. Glad the wife didn't talk me into getting rid of my old laptops... There should be copies of my guides and stickies there someplace.

    Snowmaking has admittedly fallen down my priority list in the past few years, but now that my kids are starting to get a little bigger (almost 5 and almost 7), they seem to rather enjoy playing in the snow.  My daughter is expressing some interest in learning to ski, and can hardly sleep at night when it snowing.  She wants to sit in the living room and watch it fall.  There must be some genetic factor at work there...