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  1. Somebody on a different form linked this Chrome plugin and it worked like a charm for me! Now I can see all the linked photobucket pictures! There are others for different browsers but here's a link to the Chrome Plugin :) I don't recommend CONTINUING to upload from Photobucket but this plugin is a good solution for viewing existing pictures. 



  2. Hey everybody! As some of you remember I've been making snow as a little side business for a few years now and my compressor unfortunately pooped itself last year in January...

    I got super lucky however because one of my customers gave me a nice paycheck to buy me a new compressor ON TOP OF the snowmaking fee cuz they wanted snow so badly :) (Gotta love making snow for neighborhood HOAs...). My issue is my old compressor was 7.3CFM and I have a CAT 280 running 2.9ish GPM at up to 700psi. The water isn't an issue but finding a new compressor for a reasonable price is... I'm thinking it SHOULD be okay to step down to 5.3/5.5CFM @ 90psi on a new compressor and just re-nozzle my air nozzle?

    Still follows a rough 2:1 air to water ratio so I figure it'll be alright.


    Thanks :)