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  1. What do you think of the new forum?

    Just want to apologize for my rant in previous post I edited it a bit lol . Was one of those days . I’m happy to hear feedback from all of you. . . I was happy to get the site back and take care of the $ . . And I will continue to keep us rolling ahead . And whatever changes or ideas we will try and answer . .
  2. What do you think of the new forum?

    The chat feature in the old forum never was up and running from what I remember we are setting up chat area in new forum and . We are finishing the face page the site will look different in a bit . As for the choice of the invision platform you would have to talk to Ed . The old platform was a antique also the price was threw the roof.. Iv done as much as posinle and will continue to help get the site like the old site . I’d be happy to hear what you all would like to see or have ? I realize it’s not the old site but can go backwards only forward . If I may add Iv pretty much foot this entire bill to get this site back up and running and threw this season and I’m happy to do it and will continue to . I set up a donation link has had over 500 hits literally have had only 9 donations total. That’s right 9 lol . Our forum has our good share of regulars and this is our forum ,I understand the site does not have the info the old site did but in time hopefully guys will continue to log in valuable info as we are starting to gather . I have to pay the next six months next month . Working hard to get site looking better front page working with a few guys doing the same thing for the past 6 or so months . I’m open to everyone’s suggestions I hope that everyone at least enjoyed having the site back for this past season of snowmaking and for the years to come . Thank you Eric