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  1. ChatBox

    Hopefully by tomorrow night, been dealing with some family things. Sorry for the delay in response! @slips89
  2. ChatBox

    Actively trying to come up with a solution right now... More likely, We will end up using IRC if we can't find a workaround.
  3. I have created a thread under announcements regarding the chatbox
  4. ChatBox

    Hey Ya'll, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that i've located a chatbox for the forums and we're in the process of setting it up! This was brought up HERE *Alternatively, later on down the road IF everyone wants one, is an IRC system (Internet Relay Chat) I'll hook one up.* Ed Brown CEO AvrinTech LLC * Denotes that a third party software will be needed to access IRC
  5. Notifications should be able to be set to whatever your liking is. The hosting cost was cut down so much since we were with the old host. They were in the thousands, for an absolutely ridiculous outdated and not secure system. It was time to move on. Invision Power Systems have been proven to be more reliable over the past few years in my opinion. More updates, more secure. I'll be looking into the chat system for you guys. If you would like, I could provide an IRC System at no charge.